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 The Small brewing industry and their associated business are experiencing a huge boom, which with the recent and current financial climate is a very positive phenomenon, especially when in “general” the average small and medium brewery businesses are often having a troubling time! A reason for the success in ‘Small Breweries’ is not only the economic benefits that are on offer, but the fact that it has encouraged many ambitious breweries to plunge themselves into the ‘foamy’ waters of investing into “Micro Breweries”.

One of main, if not the greatest and the most versatile advantages of a micro-brewery is their ability to adapt and adjust quickly to a specific request or production need of any client. This reputation for versatility has become synonymous within this small and growing industry and is perceived to be the “key stone” of opportunity to micro-breweries.

The ability for the Micro-Brewery to quickly diversify as opposed to larger producers of Ales & Beers is greatly enhanced because it does not have the restrictions and controls of ‘Corporate Branding’ that is clearly visible in the vast majority of the catering industry drinks sector. Examples of this can be seen in the packing, production, branding methods, equipment supplied to Restaurants and Bars. Furthermore it can lead to a universal taste for beer as it is mass produced product that relies greatly on advertising and marketing to popularise its identity.

The Beers and Ales produced by ‘Micro-Breweries’ are vastly richer, superior and diverse in taste, texture, look and palatability; much unlike the mass produced Beer that is largely now ‘Manufactured’ in factories across the Czech Republic that generally employ industrial methods such as the use of Cylindrical vessels and High Gravity Brewing. This Method increases the speed of fermentation to be able to increase the volume of beer produced.

These types of technologies speed up the manufacturing process, consequently reduce overheads and costs, but of course as most large breweries have no option but to produce in the same quick and economically beneficial way. This is what keeps them competitive against each other, but the result of profit hungry multinational corporate breweries across the EU is that the taste and quality of beer that has become a unified taste.. What we like to call the “Euro-Beer”


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